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Can I rent the boat from one harbour and return it at another harbour?

BUT, there are a few boats that are available for that kind of rental. In that case there will be info about it in their own presentation of the boat.

Is it easy to sail in the Stockholm archipelago?

No, it is not! The sailing is easy but we have millions of small rocks, so it is very important to have the finger on the chart all the time. Even if you got a Plotter you got to EYE-navigate very carefully.

At what time do I check out and return the boat during weekend-rentals?

Extended weekend, check out Thursday at 17:00. Return Sunday 14:00
Weekend, check out Friday at 17:00. Return Sunday at 14:00

What kind of license do I need to rent a boat?

You need to have experience enough to handle the boat. Be aware of that you need a license for boats larger than 12 x 4m. Some boatowners also require a certificate from you. When collecting the boat you also need to show ID/passport.

Do I get discount if I book a last minute?


Are the boats insured?

All the boats are fully insured for charter. This is included in the rent. However you have to deposit (in SEK) the excess the owner has with his/her insurance company. Amount will depend on boat and insurance company.

Is it possible to rent a boat in the middle of the week?


Is it possible to rent a boat for 1 day?

At the moment, No!

What happens if the boatowner don´t want to rent the boat to me?

In that case you contact RTC immediately and we will try to arrange another boat for you.

Do you clean the boat after me?

It is YOU, as a guest, who makes sure that the boat returns in the same condition as when you got it.

In case I don´t want that boat, do you repay me the comission?

RTC only return the comission in case that we couldn´t arrange a boat to you.

What happens if I don´t want the boat after I´ve seen it the first time?

In that case you contact RTC immediatly and we will try to arrange another boat for you.
That´s why we at RTC want you to contact the boatowner asap after you´ve paid the comission.

Am I supposed to pay the whole amount to RTC?

Only the comission to RTC.

How do I pay the comission?

The best way for you is to pay the amount to our bank account. Don´t forget to add the boat-id.