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General information

Last minute booking?

Yes, this is also possible, however it is not any cheaper. Some boat owners will not accept last minute bookings as they themselves might have other plans. Most of our boat owners are very flexible and we can most of the time help you with a last minute booking.

Rental period?

The rental period is normally from Sunday at 16:00 and Sunday at 14:00, but variations may occur.
Weekend rentals and odd rental periods might be possible during low season, please contact RTC on info@rtc.se
However, we book NOT weekend rentals during high season (V24 - v33). If a boat is available the very same week and boat owner approves weekend rental, we can confirm this at the earliest Monday the same week as the current rental opportunity.

If you rent a weekend, please see below the checkin/ checkout.
Friday - Sunday 17:00 / 14:00
Thursday - Sunday 17:00 / 14:00

Normal price for weekend rentals are:
Friday - Sunday 50% of the weekly price.
Thursday - Sunday, 65% of the weekly price
Major holidays 75% of the weekly rate.

Variations in price can occur.

Boats rented Saturday / Saturday is NOT possible to rent a weekend!

To see weeknumbers/ dates please follow this link:


How do I make a reservation?

This is simple. Just log on to our web site. Search for boat you are interested in. When you found it you need to register. This means that we will receive all your contact details and you will receive your own log in and password. Once you have received this you can BOOK the boat you are interested in. This is a PRELIMINARY booking until we can confirm it to you. When we receive the request, we will contact you to make sure that you have experience enough to charter the boat. When this is approved we will send you a booking confirmation which also includes our introducer’s fee. When we have received this, you will receive full details of the boat owner. You then contact the owner, receive contract and equipment list. At this stage you are required to pay 30% of the charter fee. Your booking will then be fully confirmed with the owner. At least 14 days before the charter, the remaining 70% is payable directly to the boatowner. When your charter starts you will need to deposit the insurance excess with the boat owner.

If you make a booking/reservation and then decide that you dont want to book the boat, an adm fee of 300 SEK will be charged.

Who can charter?

You need to have experience enough to handle the boat. Some boat owners also require a certificate from you. When collecting the boat you also need to show ID / Passport.


All the boats are fully insured for charter. This is included in the rent. However you have to deposit (in SEK) the excess the owner has with his/ her insurance company. Amount will depend on boat and insurance company.

When your charter comes to an end and you return the boat, assuming there is no damage to boat or equipment, the boat owner will return the deposit to you. Remember, you are at all times responsible for the boat and its equipment during the rental period. You have to return the boat tidy and clean, full with water and fuel unless other agreement is in place with the boat owner. YOUR boat owner will give you full instructions at time of hand over.


Most of the boat owners offer 10% discount on the second week and 15% on the third week.  You can find out on the equipment list the offers the owners have.

What does it cost?

The newer the boat the more equipment it is likely to have. The cost of the boat is of course higher. The price of the boat is relevant to the age, the equipment, size and harbour.

The equipment?

RTC have stringent standard requirements on all boats. Safety equipment for all guests is a must as well as a well equipped galley. The boats are all equipped to the same standard for charter as they would be for the owners themselves. It is also the boat owner who will give you all the instructions and advice on how to handle the boat on the first day of your charter. The owner will be available at all times and help / advice you if you need any assistance.

The equipmentlist is based on the information we have received from the boatowner. Please be aware of that the Life Jackets NOT is rescue jackets but more a sailing west.

If you charter an older boat you should be aware that both the boat and the equipment have come of age. Older boats are of course better value since they are a bit cheaper. With this said, we still very much recommend you to charter an older boat as we know that the boat owners take very good care of their boats. With an older boat you also get the “cozy” factor which of course is not achievable with a new boat.

When should I book?

To avoid disappointment, we advice you to book as early as possible. All boats we offer are privately owned. Because of this new boats are introduced to us all year round. This means that the specific boat you are looking for maybe available next week. So come back soon and do a new search. RTC has stringent requirements regarding standard and safety on all boats we offer for charter. By using our new and user friendly website, we trust you will find your dream boat for your next vacation on our beautiful waterways.

Charter a boat for the summer.

Our ONLINE bookingsystem is now up and running. The new system will enable you to search for your dream vacation boat, it being a sailing boat or a motorboat, with ease. You can for example search by model, size and equipment. We will of course confirm your reservation very quickly. Please remember to add your experiance and what certificates you hold when you make the reservation.