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Children onboard


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  • Båtuthyrning charter rent a boat in sweden boatrental yachcharter
  • Båtuthyrning charter rent a boat in sweden boatrental yachcharter

Very often the adults create the problems! We can´t sail, the children will not like it! Children are flexible, natural and do (mostly) what we adults say. 

Sail with children onboard

Let the children participate on board! Give them a mission! Get them involved! Children like that and you will get a good crew growing up. Young children can also be involved. Maybe not with the actual sailing but
if they have something to play with, they are usually happy.

Life jackets, life line and chairs for the children

Life jacketis a given.Children do as you so obviously you must also have a life jacket. Both children and animals can have a lifeline. Check that the line to the lifeline not is too long! You should NOT be able to fall

More tips

You can install a child seat (typebike model) in the cockpit or in other suitable location. Then both parents and children feel safe and can stillparticipate! If you are sailing for long periods you can also design a"net-pen"
where the really small kids can crawl around without injury, the salon could be a good place. Let the children play with their life jackets in the water so both you and your child see how they work. You will all feel safer and at the same time have some fun.

Let the children play

Children like to play and run around when you are moored towards a cliff or a jetty. Let them have a lifejacket on also here! In addition to the security if they fall into the water, a lifejacket is also like a cushion if they fall on a mountainrock or bridge. Very often there are life jackets for all onboard when you rent aboat, however check this with the boatowner before you arrive!

Play around, have fun and enjoy

Children are like adults, we want to havefun! Children can play with the same things on board as they do at home, but on the boat one can find more fun stuff! Children think it's fun to build huts! When you anchor up and the weather permits, you can with the help of a sheet build a tent on deck. If you are short of electricity, bring small flashlights! In the evenings when you are sitting and relaxing in the cockpit, let the children use one cabin, have their
flashlights and play or read or just play around a bit. While sailing, let everyone on board be as involved as possible. You can teach kids to count by counting all the boats you see! The older children can read the logo on sail´s you see and tell you what kind of boat it is. I promise that they soon will be better than you.

Fishing, save shells and stones(small) so that you can make summer memories from your sailing trip! This can be nice for the whole family. When you get ashore, it is usually the children who first finds new friends. It is wonderful to see that age not is a problem when you sail, you often see children from3-11years play  and have fun together! If you have a dinghy let your kids "play" with it. Motoring is not neccesary. Play together with your children and take this oportunity to teach them a little about life at sea! Kids love when mom and/or dad gets involved.Furthermore, you get wonderful memories that you can talk about during the winter.

Prepare food together

Many children think it's fun to help in the galley! Let them be involved! Maybe they can help with cleaning the fish you just angled up! Or prepare a salad, cake, etc.. Make sure that everyone on board have something nice and tasty to eat even between meals. "The sailing makes you hungry!, Even in small tummies! Prevent seasickness with apples or biscuits/cakes. BE CALM! This create harmony onboard and reduces the risk of accidents or ill-being for the whole crew.

Have a SUPERGREAT trip with your children onboard!


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